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Superficial Dorsal Vein Pain

Superficial Dorsal Vein Pain

I only recently started PEing, so I may be doing something wrong. However, when I pull straight out I notice that the superficial dorsal vein (the vein that runs along the top middle of the shaft) seems to come more from the left side of my body rather than the middle. Is this normal that it comes more the left side of my pubic bone? Anyways I now experience slight discomfort on the left side of my pubic bone where the vein comes from. I’m wondering if this is just a sign of fatigue from stretching or whether I have damaged anything. I still get good morning wood and full erections. Nothing is abnormal besides the pain in only this area

I hope someone can give you good advice. I have yet to face strange happenings from PE.

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Well can somebody feel that vein and see if it goes toward either your left or right side more

My dorsal vein is in a similar location. I can feel a “discomfort” from the vein when stretching to the right. Though it is not pain. I can definitely tell that the stress is on the vein rather than the ligs because it is a different stress than I feel when doing left stretches. When not stretched to the right there is no discomfort.

I’ve only been PEing for two months and have also wondered if it is possible to damage the vein with stretching. What I’ve read on all the forums is that it is highly unlikely because stretching of the ligs is much more difficult. Nevertheless, and to err on the side of caution, I have been taking it a little easy on the right stretches.

Foray7, if you feel a constant pain, even when not PEing, then I don’t think that is a good sign. Pain and PE is never a good thing; it is a negative PI. I hope some of the experienced members chime in on this.

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Yeah it isn’t a good sign. I think I might have just started off too strong. At first I tried V-stretches for about a week and that was what cause this discomfort to begin with. I haven’t done that in a couple days but have continues basic manual stretches. Hopefully if I stop that for about a week the discomfort will go away.

Mine is left orientated too. But no pain bud.

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Well at least I know that it’s normal to be going left. I’m not so sure that it’s even the vein itself that is causing the pain or if it’s just the left side in general. Seems as though it’s just overworking though. If any veterans could help confirm this or at least help me understand it better, it would be greatly appreciated

Although I can’t really help you I wish you figure out what the problem is soon and can fix it. I guess any kind of “injury” in my penis would make me panic. Hope any veteran can show up and help you on this.

Whats your routine bud?

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