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Super Sore Stretching

Super Sore Stretching

I’ve stretched for like 5 days in a row and now when I stretch it’s extremely sore near the base were it connects to the body. Does this mean I should give it a couple days off?

HW69, while you should feel some soreness, extreme is a bad bad thing. I am going to disagree with gerrykjohnsons, I do Physical therapy for a living and yes, give skeletal muscle a rest. A tear is a tear is a tear and they all take time to heal.

You may be stretching way to hard, back off some. You want to feel a tug which will create some soreness, but you do not want pain. Pain is bad, repeat that several times. For the newbies reading this and as a reminder HW69, you have one penis, do not hurt it.

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When I was stretching daily, I never gave my skeletal muscle a break - meaning I stretched every day. It worked out very well, I was able to do the splits within 6 weeks and never looked back.

Much of the girth gained at the base is due to skeletal muscle reacting to the stretch. Unfortunately, this girth gain doesn’t expand upward into the shaft. This muscle is quite limited in its extent into the penis shaft.

You have to be on the look-out for other types of fatigue, though. The other tissues need a break.

This soreness, for me at least, was an indication of gains to come. When the soreness subsided, that’s when things stayed the same.

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I don’t have any soreness when I’m not stretching it’s when I begin stretching it’s sore but after 2 - 3 mins the soreness kind of goes away.

What you are describing is normal. If you take about 3-5 days off that pain will go away completely.

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