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Super Accurate


I take several measurements and average them. Ideally, we won’t be staying there too long anyway!

Originally Posted by HardbodyPEer
I’ll go to the nearest 1/8th of an inch, 1/16th of an inch would be pushing it for me to truly be able to see a measurable difference.

I completely agree. I only measure “officially” in 1/8ths. Anything smaller seems fairly negligible.

Tenths are close to 1/8ths, so I guess the size of the unit is fair.. But I don’t understand why people use tenths so consistently when almost all American rulers use 1/8ths.

My thoughts are either people are afraid of fractions or international presence in PE forums is much higher than I realize.

I have a ruler that is in 20Th’s and I think it’s great for accuracy

If people want to measure in 8Th’s, 10Th’s of an inch, mm, cm’s or beside a coke can then it’s still measuring. What does it matter?


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