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Sup everyone

Sup everyone

Hey everyone, firstly I’d just like to introduce myself. I’m Joe, I’m a bodybuilder from Oxford (England) I’m COMPLETELY new to his PE forum, and PEing itself.. So maybe I could have a few questions answered?

Here are my measurements:

Erected Length: 5.5 inches
Erected Girth: 5.6 inches

As for Flaccid measurements? Ha ha I couldn’t stay down whilst trying to measure..

ANYWAY, I’m not sure what average is.. But I am the smallest out of my friends. Which sucks, but hopefully I will make some progress with some stretching and jelqing exercises.

Here is my question:

What are kegels?
And should I be doing them at the end of each rep whilst jelqing?

Thanks to anyone who gets back to me, and happy PEing to all!


You know when your peeing and you stop it? Your using the BC muscles to do that. Kegel is basically squeezing and unsqueezing those mucsles to work them out. It’s suppose to make you get harder erections I think. But anyways just check out the link tps gave ya, and welcome, I’m also new.

Thanks allot both of you :)

Your not small.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Kingpole, thanks.


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