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Sun your penis


Why getting a sun tan and not doing PE? As far as I know, one of the side effects of PE is discoloration of the penis! :)

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An interesting point was made about increasing testosterone due to nude sunbathing, is this true? Anyone out there with first hand experience with this?

The main thing that sun bathing contributes to the body is the production of vitamin D3. There are reports that vitamin D3 contributes to the production of testosterone, but I do not know how large an impact it has.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I enjoy sunning nude during warmer months. Start 1/2 hour at a time and move to an hour. That’s plenty to keep everything the same color. Then when you wear a g-string or bikini to show off your larger penis and balls, there won’t be any previous tan lines to distract others from seeing what you have to share.


I was looking this up recently and depending on the study, sunning testicles increases test by between 200-400%

There are various warnings about UV build up but if you are sunning in the golden hour (one hour before sunset and after sunries) the UV risk is practically non existant to the point where 99% of the time there is ZERO UV radiation. This is based on UV and visible light reacting differently to the ozone, where UV refracts and visible reflects or something like that.

I have started sunning in the morning whilst working to see if it makes a difference for a couple of weeks.

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Used to be obsessed about being tan when I was in my early twenties (so much so that I now have sun damage which periodically requires my dermatologist to get out her knives and/or nitrogen). Anyways, I frequently sunbathed nude which only ever served to darken up the dark places on my dick while the lighter parts of my unit remained stubbornly resistant to the sun’s effects.

I could never tell a difference in my testosterone levels increasing due to sun exposure of course when your in that age range, you’re at your peak T levels anyway. Have done a bit of research on raising testosterone levels but sadly none of the literature I’ve seen reports a direct correlation between sunning oneself and getting hormonal a boost in this area. :(


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Originally Posted by Tweaking
So, you want to get a sun tan on your penis? (:

The skin above the circ-scar is less skin-like and more-mucous membrane-like, I believe, and I don’t think there’s much if any melanin in there, so sunning it probably won’t make it darker, certainly not on the head.

I doubt it would cause damage though, unless you get sunburn, lol.

Sorry for reviving this thread, but the head definitely gets sun tan. I am uncut and I always retract my foreskin in order for it to get sun tan.

Sometimes when sitting in the backyard I like to pull my pants down and feel the warmth of the sun on my cock.

One summer I decided to tan my dick, so I sat pants down everyday in the sun while playing Bad Company 2 on my ps4. About 4 hours or so.

It worked, and more importantly it stayed tanned until this day, from years years ago.

Never had to do it again. Dont know why, but thats fine.

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Just don’t burn it haha

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I am cut, and also a nudist. I spend as much time as I can outdoors when the weather permits (but not in the sun during high UV levels). I don’t get sunburnt, and since I started my PE routine, I have developed a darkened shaft, which I am quite comfortable with, and really like the look, as it is to me a sign of my commitment to PE, and hopefully it will continue. I am proud to be able to express my sexuality, as all in this forum should.


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