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Suitable PE 1 Month After Length Surgery


Suitable PE 1 Month After Length Surgery

Hi guys. I’m from romania and read on this site for almost 1 month.I don;t know very weal english so excuse the mistake. If someone else here is from romania pls give me messenger ID so maybe he can help me more. SO .. Here is my situation. I suported PE surgery last month and from then I start to read this site. The surgery suks because after that my penis remain the same. I have NBPEL 5.1” (13cm) , NBFL 3.3” (9cm) , EG 4.4”(11.2 cm). I want only 0.8” EL x 0.7” EG , but thing is I need it in 5 month. I start PE for almost 2 weeks and realy I feel much better , stronger eraction , maybe because I make a lot of kegels by day . Pls help me . I have an extender too , I put him 1 hours by day because I have very difficult program to work. My LOT is 8.30-9. Thanks a lot

Hi Korral,

Welcome to the forum. Try to avoid the chat slang like ‘pls’ here, there is a spell checker which will help with your spelling.

There are other Romanian members here.

I assume you had length surgery. I suggest you start reading the hanging threads and put in more time on your PE an hour of extender use a day is not a lot.

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Don’t worry about your LOT. LOT is crap IMO. Length surgery and he is still the same length. Give me the money and I will tell you about PE which will give you at least SOME gains :)

Ok. Maybe you help me with some routine or somethink else ?. Maybe I try to hang little pounds all day long ? I mean like All Day Stretch mechanism? This thinks give results ? Because realy I feel 1 hour extender is not very confortable and maybe I shoud try ADS.

korral, welcome to the forum. There is still nothing better than the Newbie routine until your gains slow down. Good luck.

Thanks. Realy I’m very surprise to see you actualy answerd me :D . So tell me if I realy PE a lot I can hit my goal ? 0.8” EL in 5 month ? Maybe after my surgery my ligs are weak and I get EL more easy. Maybe , maybe because if is not true I will go to that surgery medic and beat him.. Joking .

Everyone gains at different rates. 0.8” EL in 5 months is a lot, but many members here have reported similar gains, so it is possible. Read as much as possible; especially read about hanging safely if you have had length surgery.

Your English is quite easy to understand. I bet it will be even better soon.

I read little from Hanger’s Forum but I don;t find with how much weight shoud I start ? Maybe 2-2.5 pounds in my first week is good ? And after 1-2 week to put another pound ? I found somethink like a routine .. 5 days hang for 45min - 1 hour and 2 days rest ? If anyone knows maybe he can answerd me. I leave now in city to buy materials to make a good hanger. I will tell you after if I can build one.I’m very motivated to make 0.8” in 5 month because lengh surgery suks. If I will stay on this forum and site and tell you about my progress.

What exactly do you mean you “suported PE surgery”? Did you have surgery, and if so what kind of surgery did you have?


Starting, summer '06: 6" EL, 6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG / Currently: Approximately .4" length and .25" girth gains / Stretched ligs .5" - .6", increasing PBFL and flacid hang

Goal: 7.25" BPEL x 5.75" EG, currently over HALF WAY THERE! on length and ACHIEVED GIRTH!

Piercings: 4 Gauge PA (currently not wearing), Two 4 Gauge upper frenums, other non-genital

It’s simple. Because of my small penis 5.1” NBPEL I read about lengh surgery and go for it. I speak on the phone with doctor from some clinic in Romanian Capital and he told me with that surgery my penis will be longer with 0.5”-1” in erect size and with 0.7-0.8” in flacid. After I make real effort to make money I go at clinic and make surgery. But real surprise.. 1 month after surgery and no EL , real small FL I mean about 0.3”. That’s my story and I will not be hapy until my penis will have 5.9-6” EL.

Can you tell us a bit more about your surgery, and the doctor’s recommended after-care?

As I understand it, here in the US, penis enlargement surgery usually consists of the doctor cutting the suspensory ligaments. This results in improved flaccid hang, but may not do anything at all for erect length, in spite of the claims made for surgical results.

However, surgeons here discovered quite a few years ago that to ensure that the penis doesn’t retract after ligament surgery, they needed to require patients to wear an all-day stretching device (ADS). The ADS turns out to have the effect in many cases of increasing the erect length of the surgical patient’s penis as well.
So with the additional of post-surgery stretching, the medical approach may actually produce the effects of both flaccid and erect lengthening that it is claimed to.

So, does or did your surgeon have you wearing a stretcher or weights after the surgery?

As you may gather from where what I have written logically heads, and I think is the consensus of various threads that I’ve read on this site, penis lengthening surgery is sort of a bait and switch scam. The operation only increases the appearance of flaccid length, but not erect length. The stretching or hanging prescribed as the follow-up to surgery results in increased erect length, but it would have had pretty much the same result in increased erect length without the surgery being performed. Plus, many guys (like me) can also get the improvement in flaccid length non-surgically, by stretching the ligs with an extender-type device or other techniques. So surgery can’t produce the full promised results without the addition of PE, but PE techniques can produce the sames results as surgery. And things go badly wrong in some cases with surgery, too, meaning that there is a real downside to the surgical approach.

You can get help here with PE to produce the results you want, but results vary a lot by individual, and it may take time, dedication, and maybe more than an hour a day, to get results.

Good Luck,


Starting, summer '06: 6" EL, 6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG / Currently: Approximately .4" length and .25" girth gains / Stretched ligs .5" - .6", increasing PBFL and flacid hang

Goal: 7.25" BPEL x 5.75" EG, currently over HALF WAY THERE! on length and ACHIEVED GIRTH!

Piercings: 4 Gauge PA (currently not wearing), Two 4 Gauge upper frenums, other non-genital

My friend!! . Penis enlargement surgery is just a very expansive surgery with no results on EL, only FL has increase(sorry for my english). Yes , the surgery consists of the doctor to cutt the suspensory ligaments. As I read on this forum I found I guy who make surgery and after that in a time with PE he touch his GOAL for EL. Maybe and I hope that with surgery , ligaments stretch more easy. The doctor told me to buy extender,or to make exercises with weight because he told me about the penis retract back in a wild from surgery.I bought extender but because I don;t have use to it I put it only 1 hour per day. I have only 38 days from surgery and I start PE only 1 week ago. From extender I have injury now bellow my head , a dark red spot and now I take some days rest. I will post my results from exercises every month on this forum.

OO and I forget to ask somethink ? Multivitamin or aminoacizi help PE ? To buy some ?

First of all IMO you need to start hanging weights. This is your top priority, with ADS and other manual PE secondary although perhaps important.

That being said you should purchase a hanging device, of which there are several, with,, and being the most popular. The first two are vacuum hangers and are probably your best to get started.

When you hang it’s pretty simple. Start with low weight like 2.5 lbs for 3 sets of 20 minutes each and go up progressively in weight just like you would do in a gym. You will know when you can add weight.

There a many schools of though regarding hanging including the PPM theory, which will essentially formulate weight and time. Do a search on this one.

The other one that I am now pursuing is Bib’s invention, which is centered on riding fatigue. His website details the approach.

When you hang there are several angles to choose from. The most popular seem to be straight down and between the cheeks. These seem to be the easiest to master without other contraptions. I would start by sitting in a chair and hanging straight down before you look into other methods.

Like all PE, hanging is not an exact science. The other thing to keep in mind is what works for one guy might not work for another guy and that one guy can gain and another guy might not. The good news is PE works. It may work and give you a mere ¼” or a lottery winning 2-2” plus. No one can predict what you will gain but for the most part if you put the time in you will get something IMO.

There are no personal trainers so your job is to get knowledgeable by spending much time surfing this site and others. The rest is purely time and effort and gaining requires a lot of both. The surgery can help you but on its own as you can tell it’s not going to do anything.

Good luck.


Thanks. I buy some thinks to make hanging device and I will finish device until my injury is gone. I think I will start with 2-2.5 pounds per day 40-45 min by day , 5 days on , 2 days off and if my penis is health I will try to combine with some easy jelq and strech. I will see , first time I need rest for injury.

18.03.2007 --nbpel 5.1" , Nbpfl 3.5" , Eg 4.5"

Short Term Goal -- Nbpel 6" , Eg 5"

Goal -- Nbpel 7" , Eg 6"

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