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Suggestions for a newbie that is PE for 4 months

Suggestions for a newbie that is PE for 4 months

Hi guys. I am a little bit new hear. I have started PE 4 months ago. In this period I exercised myself with the newbie routine and saw some little gains so far. So, I started to make more intense routines. Since last week I am Peing with this routine:

5 min warm
20 min stretching all directions: 5 min straight down, 2,5 min N, 2,5 min E, 2,5 min W, 2,5 min SE, 2,5 min SW, 2,5 min NE, 2,5 MIN NW, 2,5 min Straight out
100 jelq (3” each)
5 min warm
5 min stretching down (SE, SW)
15 min V stretch
150 min Jelq

I am not seeing so much gains neither in length nor in girth

09/09/2013: 5.8 length / 5.2 girth

You could try Mem’s routine. I’ve just started it and it seems good.

Thank you for the suggestion. But do you guys think that that routine that I have posted above it´s a good one for length and girth gains? Since I have started the PE I have already gain 1,5 cm in length and 0,5 in girth, but it seems that the gains are not coming anymore. Thank you for the support.

It’s important to remember that any gains are good gains. It seems like you’re still making progress, it just may be slowing down. That’s normal, no one can keep up those types of gains indefinitely.

That seems like a fairly intense routine for only being 4 months in. You may want to consider reducing time/intensity to get back in the growth zone, you may just be overdoing it. How is your EQ?

In short, don’t be in too much of hurry to abandon a routine that is giving you gains. Squeeze every last cm out of a working routine before you think about changing or adding anything.

Cut in half stretching time and raise jelqs to 300 progressively (15 more jelqs per week). You don’t have precise measurements nor before ither after? I’d suggest you measure precisely so you don’t have to guess if you gained or not.

Thank you guys one more time. I am doing this routine in a 3 days to one off or 2 days and one off. Yes, I had that doubt about the intense of the stretching exercises and about witch ones to choose. What do you guys think about the ones that I am doing? The simple stretching in all directions (emphasizing straight down) + V stretch? Something I should change?

Is there any difference in intense and gains when comparing wet jelq with dry jelq?

They have a saying. With time comes progress. So please do not abandon what is working. PE finally gave me an inch now work towards that mile.

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