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Suddenly feeling inadequate


Yea a lot of people like the tlc.. I’ve heard tons of mixed reviews. Decided to go with the dtr for myself.. For what reason, who knows. Going back to the original post, it’s not the dtr that bothers me, it’s simply an object that allowed me to directly compare with people I have not seen in person.

But back to the question at hand.. Does no one have input on increasing shaft girth without the head growing too?

I did a little bit of searching and I couldn’t find anything and I don’t have an intuitive answer either. :P The baseball effect is the main way I’ve heard of the shape of your penis changing. Perhaps clamping? Some people have gotten girth gains at the base larger than girth gains in the middle from clamping at the base, but maybe just straight up jelqing would do it too. Or maybe your large head to shaft ratio will stay the same no matter what. I would just do length and girth exercises and see what happens (even if you don’t want length). If you want to get gains and have yet to get any, I don’t think you can get too picky. I also think a larger head is awesome for sex and can be used to great effect to make a girl go crazy in bed, so I’d be happy with an extra large head if I was you. Make sure you use plenty of heat too if you want gains.

If you’re really curious, perhaps this question would be better addressed in another thread and some of the more knowledgeable members would have a solution.

Starting: 5.9" BPEL, 5.5" EG

Goal: 7.0" BPEL, 5.5" EG

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I like the head being bigger, just not crazy big.. Lol. I just don’t want the head to be like twice the size of the shaft. When I’m hard without jelqing it’s more even, but when I start jelqing the head swells up massively but the shaft doesn’t.. I’m just hoping that the two will expand at a 1-1 ratio, ya know? A fat head on a fat shaft is great.. An enormous head on a thin shaft not so much. =/

Like an apple on a twig?

Haha, that’s what I want to avoid, yes.


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