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Successful stretch


Yeah! I have problem with the grip too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don´t. At my first PE seasons I used to streatch with the top skin over the glans. I read that this will make your skin stretch and not your penis itself. What a have heard the top skin should be behind the glans, with the grip around the top skin.

Is that right guys?

That is definitely right, you need to feel the stretch deep in the penis and at the base where it is anchored.

And thanks a bunch everyone, I love it when I get such a good response to my little hindrances!

TP my glans, got it!

01/06/07 Start PE: 7.5" BPEL - 6"EG(midshaft) 6.2"EG(base) - Newbie Routine (dry jelqs + Stretches)

Ultimate Goals: 9" BPEL - 7" EG - Hopefully a year from now! *Fingers crossed*

Yeah, I don’t feel a stretch/pain in my abdomen, but I do feel it at the base. Is that still right? How much of a stretch/tearing/pain feeling should I expect there?


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