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Successful Glans Enlargement

Successful Glans Enlargement

Just wanted to share my recent experiences of enlarging my glans. I have been doing a modification of this thread…ROOM-HEAD-Gains (I’m uncut) for few months now.

Instead of a condom rim, I used a key-chain ring which fits snugly around the underside of my glans. I’ve have wrapped the sharp crevices on the key-chain ring with cellophane tape which nice balloons up at a side. I would position that bundled up site just under the corona of the front aspect of my penis. (This really flared up the corona at at that area). Hence I would do hard dry jelqs with ‘O grip’ for an estimated 30 minutes. Occasionally, I held the pressure right before my glans before starting again at the base. At the end of 30 minutes, your glans will almost be in a surreal size. Fully edematous after each session, my glans would measure 1.0’ thicker than my glans with the corona fully flared out. It will be hard to slide out the ring at this point. The head swell will persist for almost an hour. I have also included clamping before and after each dry jelq sessions.

A single session alone was very tiring and I have done this 7 days per week for almost 2-3 months only before I measure the gains. On top of this, I have also practiced auto-circumcision with the method shown in here:…rial-video.html Due to this the skin of my glans has dried up with reduced sensitivity (just enough). I have also started wearing boxers instead of those constricting tight underwear. Perhaps due to this changes, my erect glans is now harder and has prominently flared out than it is before. This alone made my average sized penis look nasty and big.

Results (After almost 1 month without any PE): Glans is 0.5’ thicker than the shaft. Measured with the measuring tape overlying the most flared portion of corona. Hope I can make it to the point of glans that is an inch thicker than my shaft. Most likely the 0.5’ is permanent as I’m currently without any PE activities for almost 1 month.

Any opinions?

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Any opinions?



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