I found Thunder’s Place while searching for information about pumping to regain my “vigor”> I am sure glad I did.

This is what I have added to my profile:

“I have had heart decease for over 33 years along with 2 bypass operations and a box on my left pec since 2002. (The original one was recalled last year!) Besides that I functiones sexually very well until Lisinoprol was added to my regimen in 2002 when I started to experience ED.

In the past due to not being used and no nigh time erections, my penis lost both substantial length and girth on the rare occasion it would get erect. It went from 6 BPEL x 5.75 girth (I always called it my 6X6) down to about 5.5 BP x 5 or less girth!-0

Over New Years weekend, my wife and I went to New York City with some friends in their thirties. We went to a great jazz club for the New Year and celebrated with the crowd there. After returning to our room, we did nothing but go to bed. I imagined the fun that my friends and the other revelers were having at that exact time and decided that the time to change had come.

I am very glad to have made that decision! Thanks to “Vitamin C” this week my wife and I have had the best sex we have had in years! I have regained my youthful size and an extra 1/2” to a new 6.5 BPEL and my base girth is over 6 inches!! She even remarked “I’m having a hard time getting my mouth around it.”

Thank you Thunder and all the old timers for the valuable information you have presented here.”