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[QUOTE=Long Grass]
50/10 heating

whats this mean?

I usually drop the L-Arginine when I know my lady is going to come over. But like I said, at that point I usually have a good amount of it built up in my system. I take it very consistently throught the day. Upon waking with breakfast or protein shake. Before working out. Immediately after working out. And then again before smashing and or bed. I take 1,000-1,500 a dose. Sometimes, or a good amount of the time I take cialis or viagra, that combined with this L-Arginine sends my boners through the skin! I also noticed that after a month or two the build up of L-Arginine seems to really kick in even though I seemed to feel it soon after begining it, although that may have been placebo.

My 50/10 routine refers to 50 minutes of unheated extending and 10 minutes of heated extending (without breaking between minutes). Although sometimes I heat for longer if I feel fine and everythings got blood still. Very interesting combining the 2 pills I’ve never thought of that. I’ll have to give it a whirl in the future if I decide to buy some…

Yeah I think L-Arginine and V/cialis work in similar fashion by releasing nitrous oxide in the blood which opens up the blood vessels. They essentially do the same thing. Combining them is very potent, at least for me. I got in a bad car accident and fractured my neck in a couple places, among many other injuries, and when I just used V/cialis sometimes they would work, sometimes not so much. But since I have been taking them along with L-Arginine my erections have been of top calibur. My sex drive has shot through the roof.


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