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Success problem

Success problem

Hello everyone

I think to create thread that collect all the members here that try to do PE for more than 4 month with no success and to find common things that prevent them to make good gains. So anyone who didn’t gain nothing and work for more than 4 month please share this in this thread

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Hope you start gaining soon, abarbotel.

I don’t have direct experience with it, unless you count going 4 months between gains. I once went 8-9 months without measuring a gain, but I believe I was still gaining through that period in very small amounts.

I think it’s better to come at the problem from the perspective of “what are the people who are gaining doing” rather than “what are the people who are not gaining doing” but that’s just me.

If you’re not gaining try modifying any or all of the following:

Force levels
Time at force
Overall volume
Rest schedule
Exercise method

First figure out where you’re at in each category, then change 1 or 2 things for a few months at a time.

I think almost anybody can find the right combination of the above factors to get gains. I might be missing one or two things, but those items constitute the bulk of the important variables that go into whether or not you’re gaining at any given time. Different choices in each category may work for different people, or at different times in the same person’s PE career.

Check out capernicus1’s progress log too. He went 4 years without gains before finding the right combinations of the above.

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Thank you for the tips

I’m agree that its more useful to see what doing people that made gain. But as you know , any attempt in PE take minimum few month and if we find more common things that didn’t work on many members its may save our time. How much you gain finally in your PE working? For right now I’m hanging with something that I build, I upload picture because I think its may be useful for the friend here. Its . Good for hanging straight out.

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Love Your Neighbor As Your Self

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I think consistency is probably a big factor for some. I know I can be sort of OCD to certain things, so that has made it easy to PE 5-6 days a week, especially once I saw my first actual gains. If anything, now I’m worried I won’t ever stop. lol

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Originally Posted by BeardedDragon

Check out capernicus1’s progress log too. He went 4 years without gains before finding the right combinations of the above.

I check the threads of capernicus1 and in the last thread he said he never gain for the last 4 years but in the on of is firs theards he said that he gain 1 inch , read this Interesting observation on girth gains

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