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Subtle Changes In Penis As You PE

Subtle Changes In Penis As You PE

Doing PE for the past 10 days, I’ve begun to notice subtle differences in the way my dick looks (I’ve been looking at it enough while exercising). I’ve done PE before, and have noticed the same changes in the past. So I’m curious about other people and what changes you are or have seen before you even start to gain in size? I have noticed that the hood of my glans is getting thicker, there is a slight change in skin around the whole rim of the glans (like new skin), it’s staying fuller when flaccid, I’m noticing blue veins when not erect, and my non existent foreskin is starting to rest at the cap. I think this is encouraging and it makes me think it’s starting to work. Is there already a post that describes what to expect the first couple of months?

It’s common to notice some differences in your unit along the process of PE. Fuller flaccid and more prominent veins are two of the most normal “consequences”, and these are good signs. By my knowledge in this forum I guess it’s quite common that with you stretching your penis you get your skin stretched as well.

Start January 2013: NBPEL 6.2" (15,7cm) / MSEG 5.2" (13,2cm) / BPEL 6.6"(16,8cm) / FL - 3.5" (9cm) / FG - 3.9" (10cm)

Mid-term Goal : NBPEL 6.7"(17cm) / MSEG 5.5"(14cm) / FL 4.5" (11,5cm) / FG 4.5"(11,5cm)

Something new.. You know when you were a kid, and you would lick your lips too much, and it would look like your lips were spreading? I have that with my glans. It’s not chapped or anything, but the underside of my cap is starting to spread onto my shaft. It’s not painful, and I’m attributing it to growth. I’ve been dry jelqing, and making sure that my glans fully expands with every stroke. Just thought this was interesting, and I haven’t really read anything like it on older posts. I’m encouraged.

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