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Substitute for cable clamps

Substitute for cable clamps

I was just wondering, since I live in Scandinavia and it seems to be impossible to find those cable clamps everyone is using, if there are anything else I could use as a clamp!

A cock ring seems pretty logical to use, but it could be harder to get on and of, I don’t know I’ve never tried one on!

But hoping somebody has some ideas!:)

How long have you been PE’ing for! If you are only starting then don’t start clamping yet! It’s a very advanced technique!

You can use hose clamps.

Or order cableclamps online from :up:

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

I’ve been jelqing since October, but didn’t follow a specific routine until right after new years! I haven’t start clamping yet (as you probably understood by now), but planned to do so in the nearest future!

That’s why I need something to clamp my dick with:P

Clamping is a very advanced routine that you don’t want to rush into. I recommend you stay on the newbie routine untill you stop gaining! But it’s your dick!
As a alternative you can use tubing that you tie much like a tourniquet! I don’t recommend it but I’ve seen it done before!

Happy gaining

Hey ! I was in the main members section but I heard you guys shouting! What`s going on!

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