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Stuff for length

Stuff for length

I’m about 6” long E and 6.5EG. My spouse can just about handle the girth, we have to use lube despite her having a couple of Os before sex so she’s wet enough. Depth wise I can do a little deeper.tiny girl.

Anyway, what exercises should I do to focus on length? I was doing normal stuff and she asked me to stop since I already stretch her out anyway.


Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I’m not old enough to die though.

Thanks. Your avatar is disturbing! :)

He he, I know. Anyway, make sure you hang on the right head then.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Stretch will gain you length

Hanging, manual stretching, wearing an all day stretcher, and jelqing at low erection levels.

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

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