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I was wondering if any of you have heard of the stud trainer and would you recommend it’s purchase?

Also I just wanted to check but BPEL means bone pressed erect length right?

I have never heard of the stud trainer but it could be similar to other devices used here, but with a different name. Do you have a web site where we can see the device?

Yes, BPEL = bone pressed erect length

Who is this stud trainer? How is it that he can train people to be studs, while others have to hang weights off our dicks?! Where is he? I’m following this link. If I can just learn how to “be” a stud from this stud trainer! :D

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So basically, from my understanding, its just “weighted kegels”.

While this is good for strengthening the BC muscle, which will increase staying power, this won’t increase length or girth!

This page says that “other weight systems” only increase flaccid size, not erect….(but then, they would say that ;) )

Ok well I signed up and read the “regimin” page, its um….interesting. Like I said, its effectively just weighted kegels, but theyve added in some ab exercises.

The main point is, theres no need to buy this product, as you can use a wet facecloth or similar. Or you could just make the thing, its simple enough (2 straps and a pouch)

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A towel is cheaper.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..


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