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stuck between a rock and a hardplace...

stuck between a rock and a hardplace...

I’m really at a loss here. This is my story…

I started PE about 3 weeks ago, I’ve seen maybe 1/4 an inch in length which is good, but that is not why i’m on the board posting this. When I started PE I noticed that when I had sex, I achieved orgasm much quicker. This is NOT something I wished to gain from doing PE. I decided that maybe it was just mental, so I took a vow of abstinence for about 2 weeks, and the girlfriend understood. I just told her “I had some things to work out”. Anyway, again today we have sex, and it is much worse this time. Before PE I could pretty much go as long as I wanted too, now I am reduced to only a couple of minutes.
Needless to say, this is not the desired effect. The whole reason I started PE was to better be able to satisfy my girl, and this is in fact doing just the opposite. As much as I want to continue PE I feel that it is putting a hindrance on my relationship with my girlfriend. Has anyone else gone through anything similar to this? Here is my current program if anyone is interested.

5 minute warmup

40 minutes of Manual streches, fowfer’s, DLD blasters

30 minutes of Jelq and Horse 440’s

5 minute cool down

I also try and get in quite a few Kegels throughout the day, starting with short ones and working up to longer ones up to 10 seconds.

I feel that if I can’t get this sorted out, I will have to stop PE. As it is right now I’m going to take a 2 week break and see if the problem persists. If it does then it isn’t the PE, and I’ll have to reexamine the problem. But any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.

Most people experience the opposite effect. I, for one, became too desensitized on several occasions, and it took me too long to cum. I think there may be other factors at work here. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that PE is causing your problem with premature ejaculation.

I think it is possible to over-train your PC muscles, just like any other muscle. Maybe you shouldn’t do Kegels several times a day, but only once a day or ever other day and give them some time to rest between sessions.

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I have thought about that too. Because even though I have only been on this program for a couple of weeks, I have been doing kegels for a LONG time. Maybe about a year. However not to the same frequency as lately. I don’t know how strong other people’s PC muscles are, but as for me I can make my Penis jump up a good deal when erect with a PC flex, almost to the point of hitting against my stomach.

The second thing it might be is all mental, which I’m trying to determine as well. But it is a pretty big coincidence that this all coincided with the start of PE

Your routine looks like it is way too much for someone three weeks into PE also. Give your dick a chance to get accustomed to PE before you go gonzo on it.

As Mushroom said, don’t be too quick to blame your problem on PE. Take the two weeks off and it should help you to get a better idea of what the problem is.

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Agreed with the above statements, and if you do decide to take a break from PE, take a break from anything that will make you think about your dick. I know that when I think about my dick too much, I start having problems.

I also had this problem about three weeks in. Mine was indeed mental. I was reallizing gains and better hard-ons, and would go through the day thinking of how I was going to give it to the wife good that night. Essencially I guess I was fucking her in my mind all day so that when it was time to do the deed I was ready to blow. When I chilled out the problem subsided.

I agree with Thunder. You’re probably not going to have to worry about it at all in a couple more weeks if you don’t ease up your routine. I was impotent for three days after I started to overtrain.


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