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Struggle with initial gains

Struggle with initial gains

Hi mates. 5 months went by and I didn’t see gains yet. I created another thread to ask for advice but I didn’t include many information about my previous routines so searched up into my logs and my memories and found out what I did during 5 months of PE:

May- Started heavy with newbie stretches in the morning and jelqing + bathmate + slow squash jelqs in the afternoon (5on2 off)
June- Continued using the BM and added clamping twice a week (5on 2 off)
July- Gave up the BM because it was hurting my ball-sack a lot and because I didn’t have morning wood that often. Had a 10 days break and came back with stretches and jelqing and used an extender for about 20 days. I didn’t see any gains and was very frustrated, so I stopped using the extender.
Aug- No PE for 10 days because I went on a trip. Then I did side-to-side stretches and squeezes (1on1off)
Set- Still seeing no gains, I decided to do only 15min jelqing (2on1)

And here I am guys, 5 months experimenting things on my member and no changes in length. My girth is a little bigger due to the increased bloodflow but nothing incredible.

Here is the question for veterans and the ones that have been through this: what should I do now? I am kind of lost and need something solid that I know have worked for others in this situation.

Well I don’t know what qualifies to be a veteran but I know I gained about an inch in four months. I would say the Newbie routine along with Light hanging worked. I do not see hanging on your routine so I would suggest you look into it and do it along with light jelqing. If you are uncut then go the BiB route if not try Vacuum Hanging with a Wrap using johnson johnson paper tape. Works like a charm for getting rid of fluid build up. Hanging is a surefire no bullshit all proof way of gaining length. It has been proven over and over again that it works. You just need at least ten hours a week and consistency starting out. If you have both of those I would really look into it. Hang in there (all pun intended) its always the darkest before Dawn.

I have a different take on this than epic. I think that you’ve done two things that we see often here: first, you started off too heavy and, second, you haven’t been consistent with any routine for enough time to work. Take a month or two off and then start over again with the newbie routine…just the newbie routine. Follow it to a T for at least 3 months. You absolutely should not be clamping yet!!!! Again, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT BE CLAMPING YET!!! Clamping is a VERY advanced exercise that should only be incorporated after several months of PE (I would recommend having a minimum of 6 months PE under your belt first — a year is even better) and you’re very likely to cause permanent injury. I’ll say that more clearly: clamping in your 2nd month of PE could very easily cause a venous leak, leading to permanent erectile dysfunction. So heres the deal:

1) Put away your bathmate, cable clamps, and all other equipment — you don’t need this stuff for a while and it will hinder gains to go so heavy so early;

2)Take a serious decon break (2 months would be ideal, but absolutely no less than one full month);

3) Come back and do the newbie routine — don’t add anything extra, don’t add extra days, just follow the fucking routine — it works;

4) Do the newbie routine for a MINIMUM of 3 months — you can add time and intensity, but don’t add exercises and don’t go overboard

5) Come back and let us know how things are going then…

If I didn’t stress this enough, clamping and water pumping in your first and second month of PE will kill your dick and if you don’t approach PE with a more patient attitude then, not only will you never gain, but you will also probably cause permanent injury. I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a lecturing dick here, but I’m truly scared for you and your future with a dead limp dick, and I also know that overworking and shotgun PE will not produce gains. This is a marathon. You must be patient.

Starting (May 2010): BPEL:6" EG: 4 7/8". Current (April 2011): BPEL: 6 3/4" EG: 5 1/4".

Short Term Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.25" Long Term Goal: When my wife makes me stop or 8"x6" (whichever comes first)

More patience dude. You usually wont see anything measurable for the first 2-3 months anyways. And thats it you stick to one routine religiously. if you keep changing things around so fast you’ll never figure out what is working for you and what isn’t.

I only got the bathmate after I had been doing the newb routine for 4 months.(I have previous exp with pe from before too) I was about ready to throw out my BM after a month. but I stuck to it… and now all of a sudden the gains are coming. its like the PE gods test your determination to see if you are worthy. Also nice and easy does it. noob routine. with little BM periods mixed in.. dont get all crazy with it

I warm up. Stretch. Jelq 50 good ones. 10 min BM. Jelq 50 good ones. 10 min bm. Jelq 50 good ones. BM 3 mins with cold water. and im done

The Kegel Nazi's Triumphant come back to PE. Re-Starting at BPEL: 7" and MSEG: 6"

Just keep going buddy I’ve been PEing for almost a week now and my dick seems alot stronger and is hanging much lower bring on week 2 on monday :) . I’m going to have Saturday off them do some light stretching on Sunday and back to the newbie routine on the monday.

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