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Structure is Defined by Function.

Structure is Defined by Function.

The human body has an amazing ability to adapt. This has been well known for thousands of years.
What is it that causes the body to undergo structural changes? There are surely plenty of scientific journals which document the actual processes. Understanding the complex science behind this phenomenon is not necessary in order to have it work in your favour.

‘Structure is defined by function’. This age old saying describes how the body changes based on it’s purpose.

The journey of PE is a journey of physical self-development. The participants can see themselves in the future. Then know what structure they want. They close their eyes and imagine. Seeing their face painted on the body of a much larger man.

The prospective visions of the future are powerful. They motivate one through the pain. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his auto biography “what separates the champs from the chumps is that the champs can push themselves through the pain. It is the last few repetitions that makes the muscle grow. For the chumps the pain is too much. For the champs the pain only provides a heightened sense of what is happening to their body.”

The excited boy can see his future structure, he can almost feel it. His motivation and human will power will smash down any obstacle, and have him climb out of any plateau. But how does he get it?

The boy wants to look like a warrior.

‘Structure is defined by function’

To look like a warrior the boy must train like a warrior. He must eat like a warrior. He must live like a warrior. The body is your story. The flesh and blood which your carry yourself in tells every tale that your body has been through. This bag of bones which we call our body is a representation of the way we live our lives.

With the boy’s dream to look like a warrior he heads into the gym. At the gym his explosive workout has him feeling like he has just wrestled with a wild bear. Upon completion of his workout the boy fuels his starving muscles. Cleaning up whatever is in his fridge. For he has just wrestled a bear, now it is time to feast. As the warrior he is, he picks his prey clean to the bone.
Of course the boy lives in a modern age. Telling a boy to wrestle a bear and eat it clean would seem as impractical advice to give to a young man who has a dream. But with the help of a gym and his local supermarket he can easily make his body falsely believe that he has done just that.
With a consistent lifestyle which make’s his body believe that he must wrestle with beasts to survive the body will adapt to these conditions. The carcases of these beasts will fuel the growing muscles. In no time at all a warrior will be born. The body adapts.

Perhaps you want some practical examples of this occurring in our modern world.

- Have a problem with your car? Next time you go to your local mechanic have a look at the size of the mechanic’s forearms. The years of using wrenches to tightly fasten nuts and bolts has left him with the arms of a warrior.

- Have you ever been rock climbing with a professional? If so, I’m sure that you could not help but notice the intense density and definition of his back muscles and arm muscles.

- And surely you have had a glimpse of the monstrous legs carried by professional cyclists.

There is a reason as to why professional athletes all have different builds. They all serve different purposes. An Olympic hammer-thrower or power-lifter have very little structural similarities with sprinters or long jumpers. Their structure is defined by their function.

So how can we apply this to PE.
Can we use this principal to predict the types of gains that may be expected?

One thing that we can certainly do is defeat any doubts you may have towards PE.

PE exercises add new function to your penis.

Let us consider the exercise of hanging heavy weights. The function of your penis has changed. It is no longer simply to serve as a sexual organ when needed. The penis must now be able to carry immense loads. Your body must adapt to this new bodily function.
In attempt to reduce the stresses of the loads one would think that the penis would increase it’s girth. Stress = load / area. Increasing the cross sectional area of the penis would reduce the stress placed on the penis during this function. This adaptation would make the body more efficient at what it does. Efficiency is what the body always strives for.
As predicted, many heavy hangers have reported increased base girth of their penis. Of course there is the bonus side effect that ligaments are being stretched and the inner penis is being pulled out of the body.

The jelqs and pumping sessions pump large amounts of blood through the penis. Could the penis be tricked into believing that it has a new function? The function of storing a large amount of blood. In attempts to become more efficient at this task the body must make adaptations. The most efficient way to increase the amount of volume which the penis can carry would be to increase the girth of the penis. Of course jelqing and pumping are primarily known as girth exercises. The practical results support the idea of a changing function.

This can be applied to all PE exercises. Of course there are many complicated scientific phenomenons behind the scenes here. However they are all irrelevant. Give your penis something new to do and you will have a new penis. It’s as simple as that.

Awesome, just awesome. Thread tools, add to favorites!

I still believe there is no way to know what causes growth when many guys don’t gain or gain only a little.

And not every guy who eats and trains like warrior will ever look like a warrior.

What you says sounds spot, but.


I seriously think the one’s not gaining anything, is the ones who give up / got a to stressed life.
Why should the penis be the only organ that can’t change it’s form? THATS the question.

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