Strong erection possible only when sitting


I am new here so first of all I apologize that this is clearly in the wrong sub-forum; however, I am not allowed to post in the men’s health sub-forum. I hope this is OK.

Title says all. Basically here are my symptoms:
1)I have an upward curve (30 degrees) but my urologist says it’s not Peyronie’s.. Doppler ultrasound showed no plaque. But I can feel some scar tissue at least behind the glans. It’s like a quarter coin but it’s soft.

2)When sitting on a chair, I can get a good -not rock hard but unbendable at least- erection with full glans. It can stay like that forever if I am in the mood.

3)When I stand up, I lose some rigidity-it goes to maybe 80% at best, and glans becomes softer. The erection subsides quickly with no stimulation, and penis is much much more sensitive. It’s as if the softer glans makes it more prone to be super sensitive to the point of being able to come real quick. There have been mornings where I get stronger erection standing so I’m not totally freaked out about this but I still want to figure it out.

4)Lying down is when things go bad. Especially if I have my legs uncrossed, the erection is impossible to keep above 60%. The glans is almost completely flaccid. Penis is considerably thinner and CS is completely deflated. If I cross my legs it’s better. On my side it’s better also. But flat on my back with legs slightly uncrossed it’s bad.

Some observations I’ve made:
-I haven’t had sex many times but thinking back I think the lying issue has been like that forever with me. Even if the CC were hard the CS was deflated in that position. Thinking back I think I might have hurt myself in the woman on top position because I cannot be fully erect.
-Morning wood is no different. I can maybe get more decent erection lying than later on the day, but still erection becomes full only when I sit on edge of bed.
-Doppler ultrasound by a famous urologist showed perfectly normal. In particular he was adamant that no venous leak has occured. He prescribed viagra and cialis and told me to do kegels and left it at that.
-Viagra or Cialis does not make a difference in the lying position.
-When sitting I feel pressure behind my testicles(perineum?) Basically there is a muscle?bone? In the line from testicles to anus and I feel the pressure over there is why I can get super erect when sitting. If I lift that area even slightly erection subsides significantly.
-At 25-30%bf now working on losing it.
-Quitting smoking for 4-5 months made no difference, I am smoking now but plan to quit soon again.
-I have done PE for 8 months or so. Started with JP90 from Pegym, then went to linear routine and currently doing a variance of the newbie routine. Have gained about 0.25-0.5 in length and maybe a bit in girth (but it’s only obvious when sitting because of all the above). I’ve noticed PE does not seem to make a difference in EQ for me. Or it does only sporadically.

-Does anyone know what could be wrong? What can I try to do?
-What kegel routine would you suggest? Is it better to do Kegels/RK?
-Is it possible I have some tension/weakness in perineum area/prostate? I do feel a burning sensation on my urethra sometimes when I pee but a test from my GP way back showed normal. Are there exercises I can try for this?
-Should I try pumping? Is it better to try a VED protocol as layed out on peyroniesforum to try to straighten the curve? Or just try a generic pump? I don’t mind the curve too much but fear it is causing me ED.

Any help would be appreciated. This is really affecting my life and I have extreme anxiety now; I don’t feel confident at all approaching women because of this.