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String with nubs

String with nubs

I am practicing PE for a five months now and I notice that at the front of my penis there is string like nubby thing which runs down and before head gets softer which make it hard to feel it with the fingers. Does anybody know what is it?

Is that on the top or bottom of your penis? I’m not sure I can understand what you’re describing

It is on a top of my penis, right under the skin. It runs up the penis and it is sort of hard that why I know that it is not a vain.

Thrombosed vein? Does it hurt?

It does not, but sometime I feel like a pinch sensation coming out of it. Do you thing that I should wary about it? What is your opinion about it?

Thank you.

Maye you could post a pic, huj.

Hey huj, it does sound like a thrombosed vein from your description, I’m not a doctor though so the best advice I can give you since this is worrying you is to go get it checked out by a doctor just to be sure about what it is and then they can give you whatever treatment you need. Good luck

I believe I have something similar, but its rather small and I’m not even sure if its still there anymore. I think it was just improper jelq technique (jelqing when I was close to 100%) that did it, but it was a small veiny knot just below my penis head and though it was not painful, it did have a momentary sting when I’d do certain PE workouts. I don’t believe its there since I last did PE but I will check again. I’m not too concerned personally, I think giving your penis some off-time, and softly massaging it in the shower can help (I’m no doctor so don’t take this as professional advice!!).

S.O. at P.B.

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