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StretchingClamping Advice

StretchingClamping Advice

Hi Guys. I’ve been doing PE for around three months now, I have mostly been manual stretching and jelqing. My routine has been a bit disorganised and not very intense, probably averaging 3 days a week PE. I would say I have gained about .25” of erect length. Before PE the longest NBP measurement I got was 7.75 now I can get 8. BP is around 8.5. I find measuring NBP a bit sketchy as it’s hard to decide exactly where the base of your penis is, I have used the same method that I have seen in Saiyan22’s measuring pics for NBP as that looked the most sensible from what I’ve seen.

I have decided to up the intensity of my PE as I’d like to get my length up by a minimum of 0.25”, I’ll take more if it comes though and my girth up by around 0.5” taking it from around 5.5 to 6. Last week I stretched 5 days Mon-Fri and incorporated clamping on Monday and Wednesday. This week I will do clamping on Mon, Wed & Fri and will continue with this routine and see what results I get.

Now that you have some background information I will get to the main point/s.

First I am very confused about manual stretching with regards to rest days. Would it be beneficial for me to have less than 2 rest days per week, as this would not be difficult, or would it be counter-productive? I have looked at many threads and can’t seem to find a definitive answer. If anyone with gains from manual stretching could help me out with their experience/thoughts I would be grateful.

Second I am unsure about how much constriction I should be applying when clamping. I measured my girth while clamping last night and got at max around a 0.25” increase. I have seen posts where people claim to have got 0.5” or more extra engorgement. Does this mean I am not clamping tightly enough, should I be aiming for a certain amount of engorgement to get gains? I am currently using a strip of mouse mat as a wrap and a single cable clamp for clamping, I have ordered some more cable clamps so will be able to experiment with double clamping when I receive these.


I’m not a clamper so can’t help you much . But I would suggest you do an ‘advanced search for your clamping / stretching information .

There is plenty of it in the forum So you should find information that will assist you.

Good luck,


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