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I didn’t see it posted in the Newbie Routine,

But should stretching be done flaccid or semi-erect? Is there a difference?

Starting Stats - BPEL 6.5", MEG 5.2"

Short-Term Goal - BPEL 7", MEG 5.5"

"Think Big. You become what you spend most of your time thinking about."

Flaccid. When your soft, the tension is put on the ligs, they stretch easier than the tunica and creat quicker gains.

Bpel: 7.625

Mseg: 5.125

FSL: 8.125

Ligs doesn’t produce gains in my opinion.
You have to stretch the tunica and Buck’s fascia. To simplify, don’t bother this second, because both work synergistically.

But yes, stretching should be done at flaccid and You stretch mentioned above structures during this exercise.

Yesterday during my advanced A&P lecture my teacher said the following : “Only about 15% of your flexibility comes from your connective tissues I.e ligaments and other collagenous fibers. She said 85% of your flexibility comes from the muscles themselves being able to relax more and contract less when idle.

I know, she was referring to flexibility, but her percentages really made me start thinking of PE immediately.

In this case, more flexibility= more flaccid stretch length? Just a thought.

Starting stats:

6.1' NBPEL

6' EG

Unfortunately Xtreme your penis is not muscle and so therefore only that 15% applies to the penis.

As for stretching it should be performed between 0-20% erection, 0 being fully flaccid obviously.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

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