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When stretching, is it better to just pull straight down, or to do a circular method? It seems to me stretching straight down would work better, but the guides say do a circular. What do PE vets think? Does it even matter?

Also, I wanted to bring up that my BPEL has shot up an amazing .6 inches since I started PE just one month ago, but regretfully have have gained 0 (yes 0) NBPEL. I would much rather have it the other way around. What is going on? I have not gained any weight.

I thought I should add my length measurements
BPEL: 6.8
NBPEL: 6.2
FL: 3.75

BPEL: 7.4
NBPEL: 6.2
FL: 4-5 (it is varying all over the place)

Wow, that’s amazing gains in such a short time. For me only thing that has changed is my flaccid length for some reason. My erect length stays the exact same. I’ve been doing PE on and off for 3 years, and that’s the only change I’ve had. What’s your routine like to get such impressive gains? BTC, V, stretches? Length, frequency, number of days a week?

I just do stretches. I do 5-6 sets a day, holding for 6 minutes a set. Then I break for 3 minutes to get blood flow back. I try to at least 3 sets in one sitting, and then another session sometime later during the day.

Are you sure you are measuring right? How is that possible that you gain BPEL but not NBPEL?

With gains like that I don’t see why you need an answer to this question. :p

Goal: B====D ---> B=========D

Mister007: I am positive that I am measuring correctly and consistently for NBPEL. That is why I am so confused. I have not gained any weight, so theoretically my fat pad should not have increased.

Fershizzle: don’t get me wrong, a gain is a gain, but the entire point of my PE is to increase “usable” and “show off” length, and that is not what I have accomplished.

So does anyone have any advice about stretching?

Hmm, weird..
The only idea I have is that maybe you started with very intensive exercises and it expanded your fat pad skin, not the fat pad itself just the skin.. If it’s just loose skin it can snap up with time and lower abdominal workout (if you’re young too).. Not sure tho..
Sorry the only thing that came up to my mind take it with a grain of salt


I feel like it doesn’t really make sense that you only gained in BP and not NBP.

Is the skin on your shaft feel really tight, and does your fat pad look stretched out over the the base of your penis?

If the answer’s are yes to the above, then maybe the reason for not gaining nbpel is because the skin on the shaft wasn’t loose enough to stretch to accommodate your gains, so your fat pad has pulled out insted of your skin stretching to accommodate your new length.

Maybe if you tried stretching the shaft skin making it looser, it would cause your fat pad to go back to normal.

Just an idea, do not know if this would work at all.

Take care

RR: I think you are right my “v” area is pretty deep when I measure NBPEL, and even the beginning of where I measure looks like it is creeping up past where it “should” be

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