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I find when I stretch I feel absolutely nothing. I stretched a week ago and felt the ligaments at work and have repeated the same thing and now I get nothing. Have tried both stretching from beneath the head and on the head. I’ve got quite a tight grip as well when I stretch. Is it normal to feel nothing when you stretch?

I concentrate on really trying to feel what is going on, but it is true that sometimes you will feel more than at other times.

Don’t let it worry you, just keep on with the Newbie Routine and accept that, like going to the gym or doing sports, sometimes you will have a great session, sometimes you will not get into it quite as well.

Try stretching at all the different angles if you are not at the moment.

Consistency of effort is the most important thing, whatever you are feeling.

So what do you feel when you stretch and where do you feel it?

Depends what angle I’m stretching at.

If stretching down or BTC (between the cheeks) I feel the stretch in the ligs, at the base on top of my penis and by changing my pelvic tilt angles I can feel the stretch all the way up towards the belly button.

Stretching upwards, I feel the stretch around my perineum. Straight out stretching I feel around the perineum too, but also along the length of the inside of my penis. Stretching to the sides I feel the stretch on the opposite side, mostly around the base.

Every variation of angle changes the tissues being targeted to some degree.

Okay I’ve tried some more and I also tried yesterday and nothing. When I stretch to the sides I get a slight twitch on the other side (just like you) and I also feel a slight tinge when I stretch upward. But when I stretch down or straight out I get nothing. Any clue as to what’s going on?

I;m starting to think it’s because I’m not totally flaccid. I can’t help but be around 15-20% erect. Could this be the problem?

It could be because you are partly erect, or it could be that the straight down and out positions tend to focus stretching on the ligs. There is a very different feel between stretching mostly ligs or mostly tunica. Ligs have a hard ‘end feel’ to the stretch, whereas tunica has a softer end feel.

If it feels like your hand has come to a ‘dead stop’ when stretching down or out, release the pressure a little and feel for the end point of the stretch. If you are manual stretching you can control the pressure exactly so that you are getting the maximum stretch but not going over it: so you don’t toughen up your ligs by making them react to feeling strained, and you don’t tire your arms more than necessary!

To feel the stretch more, try to really relax and let go into the stretch. Try to imagine your penis stretching while you stretch it. :)

Right, I agree with firegoat, but johny, I am a newbie as well and I had similar problems as well. I will tell you what helped me the best is the J’ai stretch,I mean I can feel in all the way into my groin muscles in my legs and I think it is a doing a great deal of stretching.

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