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Can stretching alone produce any significant results?

You mean hanging? If so, then yes. Check out the Hanger’s Forum. They include hanging and traction/stretching devices including some good ways to use traction devices without dangerously reducing circulation in the glans.

No hanging, Pathetic is newbie.

Stretching may produce significant results, but you have to do several types of stretching, check Bord2 length routine: Need New Routine After 5 Months

Sorry, it’s Bird2

I got 1 inch in 1 year through manual stretching. Shower pulls, piss pulls, squatting pulls. Use the search function. It’s possible. I tried hanging but it wasn’t my thing. Just keep pulling.

I recommend following the standard Newbie routine. Many members have gained significantly from manual exercises alone, many have not.

.25 in EL from 3 weeks of manual stretches only for me pathetic, give it a shot, as long as your careful what do you have to lose?

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