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Did my first routine. Im curious how hard to pull when stretching. I pulled till i felt it in my tail bone. I assume that was sufficent tension. Im curious how hard one should stretch? Is the harder the stretch the better or what? TIA for any help.

Originally Posted by t_dubb215
I pulled till i felt it in my tail bone

If you feel like you are pulling your ass out your dick you may be pulling too hard IMHO. Take it easy at first. You aren’t trying to rip it off, just trying to make it longer. Pull until you feel good tension (not necesarily in your ass though). Stay away from pain. If you feel pain you are pulling too hard.

No the harder the stretch isn’t necessarily the better. Pulling too hard will result in injury. The key is NO PAIN.


Got it. I just wasnt sure as ligaments are tough to tretch in most parts of the body. Its not a pain just feels like pressure in my prostate or something. I will ease up a bit though.

Is it weird to see results in a week?

Actually, after reading your post again I have had times when I could feel what you are describing. It’s not necessarily a bad thing and may indicate you are stretching at a good angle to stretch the tunica. But that is only speculation. My advice to not pull too hard still stands though.

Not typical to see gains that quickly, but it has been documented before. Are you measuring consistently? I wouldn’t try measuring every week either. You’ll drive yourself insane. I am only going to measure once every month. It’s killing e yes but I don’t want to disappoint myself or cause myself to try too hard.


Well I think I have problems getting super hard. I felt much thicker during paly time then before. COuld be in my head though.

In engineering parlance, tension is a time statement.

Ideally you want lower tension, allowing for full circulation in junior, for a couple of weeks straight. That ought to do it.

Seriously though, some tension over a longer period of time will accomplish the lengthening goal without injury. Warming up is just that, don’t do the whole exercise, just “limber” it up.

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