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Is it ok to, when stretching, use the glans as a sort of grip aid? Whenever I stretch it seems as though I always end up stretching with my grip right at the glans (unless I accidentally just stretch the skin). Is there anything wrong with this?

Also, what would be the step after the basic (30 seconds in each direction, 2 reps) stretches?

Basically, if you are stretching like that then you just need to make sure you don’t put much pressure on the upper area of the glans, try to focus on putting most of the pressure on the sides.

Just make sure you do a warm wrap for at least 5 minutes before you do the stretches. After you have done the stretches then do another warm wrap. Then the choice is yours on the different exercises you can do. Mainly you should start off with jelqing, if you are new to it, then start off with about 50 slow reps.

Most of the other exercises are for later when your penis becomes more accustomed to it all.

Good luck.

davanor -

yes when manual stretching you will find the glans to be the best place to get a firm grip. same for me.

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by glans you mean the head?

Yes, the glans and the head are one and the same!

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