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I want to know how hard you are supposed to stretch. I have done the newbie routine for one week now but I had to stop because it hurted at the base when I stretched. Not hurting because of skin or hair but inside the penis. So I stopped. I stretched with maybe 5-10kg of power for 30-90s. Not sure of the exacts.

If it hurts, you definitely are pulling too hard or maybe it has something to do with your grip. Do you do a warm up? Speaking for myself, when I stretch I feel tension, similar to what I feel when stretching muscles before exercises, but never pain.

Maybe I should do more warmups. Its just quite though, cause I cant get a good grip without paper and that doesnt work too well in the shower.

I just wondered how long its normal to have it to hurt. I cant do anything with my penis right now. Not one single jelq since it hurts a lot at the base(kind of at the top and not towards the balls).

What kind of pain is it? Can you focus it, is it like a needle is drawn into your skin? You know a needle like pain is mostly caused by hurting some kind of strings of the connective tissue (actually breaking it, cutting it of). Even if you have cut of a string it shouldn’t be that big since such a problem always comes allong with being swolen.

So check the kind of pain and report back. I had a sport injury once so I know how a needle like pain is related to of cutted tissues. :-)

Its kind of like taking a shot pain. Not the insertion but the pressure. Or that is what I think it is. I am not good with pain descriptions. Its the top right of the penis. Not left. That means i can jelc to the right without hurting but not left(hurts right away). Kind of cool I found this out because of YOUR question :) .


Stop for a week, and then start again when pain is gone but very very easy.

Take the otherside of a pencil and thouch your penis with it. Where is the pain and how hard do you have to press. Check back the next few days. If you can not see any improvement over time (aka.healing) I guess you should go and visit a doctor.

Ok thx. It hurst about 1 cm up and 1 cm to the right of the penis when I press with a pencil. Hopefully it will go over.

Yeah if you wouldn’t mind you can start a pain diary. Meaning you draw a simple pic of your little fellow and mark the pain areas with red color. Add some descriptions + what caused the pain and stuff. It will help you to be more objective. Mostly people tend to alter their own memory in order to prevent some unwanted actions (like visit the doctor). Also having such a pain diary will help the doctor to quickjump and avoids some - uhm - private questions :-) .

I wonder how the doctor would respond if I told him it happened due to PE. :/

Maybe he can give you some tips. I guess some of the docs are drawn into PE also :-) .

Yea, a female doctor with some tips. Too bad I never got any gains before this happened. Looks quite pathetic flaccid.

Well I thought of a male doctor, you know even a doctor is looking for supersize himself :-) . I didn’t talked about the little boy dreams like visiting the swimminghall and get a femal baywatch chick lurking in the locker room and scream ‘What a huge dick, May I suck it?’ :-)

Well that would be nice but I will settle for a hot nurse.

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