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Hey guys

Since my penis leans a bit torwards the left when it’s erect,

Should I stretch to the right more that I stretch to the left? 1.5x more? 2x more?


(I‘m almost done with a captain’s wench just need the clamp)

now: 6x5

goal: 9x6

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I’m not sure if flaccid stretching will help you correct the curve. You might even cause issues because you would be working out the ligs on each side differently and might hinder gains. Fixing a curve is done more by semi erect moves, such as jelqs and bends.

Start (6/23/04): 7.25 BPEL X 4.75 EG As of (7/12/05): 8.00" BPEL X 5.00" EG Midshaft (5.25 base) Short Term Goal: 8.0 BPEL X 5.25 EG Midshaft Long Term Goal : 8.5 BPEL X 6.0 EG

Wally - Welcome to another LA member! Be careful about using the Wench too soon. If you are new to PE you should “condition” your penis to exercises before you attempt hanging. Trying to use advanced techniques too soon can result in injuries.

Also, please read the second line of my sig and follow the link. Thanks!

If it’s true that stretching makes you grow (and, I pray it is true or why would I be here), I think you want to stretch in the direction opposite the bend. So, if you bend to the left, you want to stretch to the right) Stretching in the opposite direction encourages growth along the opposite (shorter) side of the penis, which will tend to straighten out the bend as the two sides equalize in length.

I’m with Hyyprr on this one. Flaccid stretching is great for hitting the ligs, and in some positions good for the tunica, but the primary stretch is usually in the ligs. Unfortunately, from what I know, this won’t touch a curvature in the shaft. Try jelqing. I do advise against any erect bending since it could worsen the condition (or create a new one). Don’t want to snap wally off ya’ know.


Goal: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

Current Stats: 7.125" BPEL x 5.5" EG

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