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stretching with LOT

stretching with LOT

I have read LOTs theory and although I don’t think I really fully understand it I think my LOT is about 3:00 when fully erect.

My question is what is the best (or most productive) way for me to stretch my unit using LOTs theory.

3:00?!?!?!?!? Damn! Your Loss of Tugback only occurs when your dick is in your ass! :moon2:

LOT only goes from 6:00-12:00

Short version: Low LOT (anything below 9:00) stretch upwards
High LOT (anything above 9:00) stretch downwards.

Always stretch outward too.

LOT is discovered when your penis is erect? I thought you stretch your out your penis when it is flaccid.

I think you read the wrong LOT theory. Because LOT is found when you are flaccid and the clock, as XL so astutely pointed out, goes from 12 to 6.

Take a look at all the links in my LOT Threads link (that’s the one in my signature) And in the Illustrations of… link there is a diagram of the LOT clock (it’s at the very bottom of the first page).

Read it all again then come back with questions.


What he said, Lunchbox (Kevin Smith referrence to all who are curious.) BTW I was on the college tour DVD that is out.

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