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Stretching with foresking-some help

Stretching with foresking-some help

Dudes,I’m starting the newb routine but I’ve got a foreskin, so when I do the stretching my foreskin goes with, I did 2 research and did 2 things, held just the skin, all of it, and pulled,it would stretch but it seems like only the skin is getting stretched, then I pulled it all back held at the base of the glans and pulled, but I felt as I was just pushing the gland forward and nothing was stretched, I can’t continue until I know what to do, which way is right?, how do I handle the foreskin? Comment on guys, before I hurt myself right,thanks.

I too have foreskin, I did the same as you. I see this as a stretching warm up. Make sure you use good lube. After this stretch, then I began doing some jelq. Then again that’s just me.

I pull my foreskin back (fully), make an OK grip just behind the glans and pull. I can feel the stretched tissue under the loose skin along the shaft.

Pulling only the foreskin will only stretch the skin.

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I pull it all back and form an overhand grip just behind the glans. I use a few fingers and thumb so I get a decent about of surface area covered when pulling. When I pull down like this, I feel a lot of stretch on the ligs. In order to target the tunica, I use something a bit more intermediate called the 8-point stretch which I first saw posted by Yguy. You can search YGuy Progress Report.

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