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Stretching when hard produces better erection throughout for me

Stretching when hard produces better erection throughout for me

So for a couple days now I just felt like stretching while watching porn so I got hard (up left right forward repeated twice 30 seconds) and once I started jelqing my erection level stayed up and I’ve noticed my penis is lengthier and slightly girthier throughout and I keep my erection level at around 80-90% which is far better than the days I do stretching soft. Will my penis be fine if I continue like this I’m loving it.

Please be very careful with that. It is much easier to get hurt jelqing at higher erection %. Especially for new guys.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Well I’ve been jelqing with the same amount of erection really for the past 2 months I don’t really feel like I’m doing anything if my penis is the least bit floppy and it’s still slightly floppy even at 50-60% unless my estimates of percentage/erection level are way off

You have been doing it long enough to have a feel for it.

The dangers of high erection jelqing are two fold. The margin of error for potential injury is much slimmer. You can get hurt with a slight misstep that wouldn’t be a problem with lower erection jelqing. But the killer danger is that slim margin of error combined with a newbies cluelessness at self monitoring their penis during PE.

The bottom line in PE is what ever works for YOU… and not breaking your penis. If it is working for you I’m not about to tell you to stop. But do error on the side of caution and stop at the absolute first sight of stress or pain.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thank you for the input, thankfully the only thing that has hurt so far is my hand from jelqing haha well I’ll venture into this slightly changed routine with caution and yea I’ll stop and report back if I feel any pain or stress.

This has become a lifestyle for me

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