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Stretching vs Jelqing for length

Stretching vs Jelqing for length

If I just want length gains right now, should I even bother with jelqing, or should I only employ stretching exercises? In other words, is jelqing just for girth, or does it yield length gains as well?

Jelqing At Low Erection Level Gives Length High Level Gives Girth

The two go together like the sun and the very air we breathe. We need both to survive and if you are to improve size you will need both. People like short cuts but jelqing and the promotion of elongation are the air and the sun in PE.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

For girth and length you should read a lot…

I don’t speak (read) english very well, but I spent hours and hours reading to safe people from annoying questions…

Jelqing and stretching really seem to complement each other. I think you’ll gain more length by doing both than you would by choosing one or the other.

I would stick with stretching for 10 minutes and 50-100 jelqs. It will keep your penis conditioned for both, but increase the amount of time you stretch by 5 minutes each week for a couple of months. Stretching is for length, jelqing is for girth from what I have read. There are also devices that you can buy to stretch your penis all day with a low amount of stress on the head and glans, but it works similar to traction devices. The cells break down and rebuild to accommodate length. Mind you, these are all theories, and you should stop exercising if you feel pain or discomfort at any time, an injury is not worth it.

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