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Stretching VS Hanging


sm: I just noticed, after posting the above I had overlooked your join date. If you are new to PE I suggest you stick with manual until your tissues are toughened up some. Hanging is pretty intense for newbies. Still you should get the fish scale. It will help you keep better tabs on what you are pulling. Using the scale attached to the Bib, or Wench is a good way to do manual.

Good luck with your injury
Keep us posted

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Big Girtha,
Thanks for your advice. I’m going to look into the fish scale. I see your point about the benefit of hanging w/ regards to safety. Your gains are really impressive. Did you achive the girth gains by jelqing?

Is there anyone else out there who has achieved decent gains hanging under 5 hours a week? Please tell.

Hey I noticed that you said you stretch BEFORE you use the heating pad if I’m not mistaken. This is probably why you are getting injured. Heating will make your unit much more elastic and I think it will prevent injury.

Start (3/2/08): BPFSL-7 in. BPEL-7.5 in. FG-4.5 in. EG-5.5 in.

(7/2/08): BPFSL-8.5 in. BPEL-8.1 in. FG-5 in. EG-5.75 in.

Goal: BPFSL-9 in. BPEL-9 in. FG-5.5 in. EG-6.5 in.

So you guys count the jelq you make. I just go by the time I have in it. should I start counting or just continue to increase time?

What if a person were to stretch AND hang? If you stretch at higher intensity, then hang afterwards, could you reduce your hanging time and get the same desired results? Would this speed up the time that it took to get the fatigue you need while hanging?


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