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Stretching VS extender

Stretching VS extender

Hi everybody, I wear my x4lab extender at least 5 hours a day.

Do you think I can avoid from my routine (5 mins hot wrap + 25 mins oiled jelqs + 5 mins uli + 5 mins hot wrap) the stretching?

I mean, if I wear the extender just before my routine it should replace the stretching am I right?

I would keep the heat and some manual “hand” loosening/stretching, at the minimal items. My experience is mounting into the extender is helped by pre-heat & loosening up of the tissuies.

So do you suggest hot wrap right before wearing the extender?

I use a hot/warmed rice sock before, while wearing, and after removal of extender. For my body, I get better results that way. Naturally, feel free to experiment & find what works best for you.

Let me get this straight…

You’re sayng you use the rice sock while you wear the extender? You mean for the first 10 mins right?

All of my extender wearing is at a desk, using computer, at home. Keeping “it” warm, as long as possible, works best for me.

I warm before mounting into extender, after I am mounted into the extender, and after I remove the extender ( for a few minutes).

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