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Stretching veins

Stretching veins

So I have been here a little while now, and have become comfortable with my exercises, got a good handle on how hard to hold it. My issue or one that I haven’t found a comment on, is while I am stretching my unit I seem to get to the limits of my veins before I get to the limits of all the targeted areas, at least for the first few minutes. I am not so worried about pulling on it so hard that I severe the veins and die from internal bleeding of the penis, maybe I should be. I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has felt this. I do end up getting a good stretch after some blood gets moving.

Don’t worry. Your ligaments are extremely strong and will prevent you from stretching your veins beyond their limit. Since the ligaments are the controlling factor for length and stretching them is a very slow process, your veins will not be stressed out from being overly stretched. You can however over pressurize your veins from gripping too tightly, or jelqing too hard, or using too much vacuum pressure and this results in broken capillaries and those infamous red spots and eventually bruising or discoloration.

Hello Nixxin,

The penis shaft is very tough my friend, no need to worry there.
Do not stretch too hard though.

Concerning internal bleeding, I seriously doubt it can happen. Wait for the advice of more experience P.Eer than I.

Take care.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Originally Posted by padawan
Hello Nixxin,

The penis shaft is very tough my friend, no need to worry there.

Ditto on that one!

Thanks for the notes gprent like I said it’s only seems to happen when I am first starting my stretches, when I am extremely flaccid. Once I get some blood in my unit, the stretch gets to the limits of my ligs before it gets to the limits of my veins. The bleeding to death comment was just for fun maybe to subtle for written word.

I guess it would help to know that my stretched length is a lot longer then my erect length, and on the other side of the same coin my stretched girt is considerably more narrow then my erect girth. My unit seems to be made of high tensile rubber.

Are you plasticman? :)

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Indeed, like in the cartoons when someone pulls there crotch up to their neck and the car goes between their legs. They got that move from me.

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