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Stretching up = guaranteed turtling


I used to have this also.I get some turtling when pulling upward.I have done hours of long Upward holds.I like the sensation of stretching the perineum area.I Don’t know but I always heard that upward stretches,stretch the tunica which is the girth limiter so I have put most emphasis on tunica stretching.I find that it gets used to it like everything else I guess.I can’t believe how much abuse I can put my junk threw now

Originally Posted by iwant2bhung

Sorry to ask but what is “turtling”

Turtles and tortoises pull their heads back into their shells when frightened. When your penis tries to retreat into your body and has no hang, that’s turtling.

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Yes, dicks always retreat when frightened, like when they see a really ugly pussy.

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