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Stretching uncircumcised

Stretching uncircumcised

For the first 2 weeks of my peing I have found it somewhat difficult to stretch. As I’m uncut I have problems with the skin rolling forward as I grab below the shaft to stretch. Even when my skin is not pulled down (which is how I currently stretch) I often grab my dick in a ok grip at the base as my hand slides to under the shaft when stretching. However whilst stretching with skin up I don’t know if I’m doing it right as my fat pad extends out alot allowing me to think whether my dick or fat pad is getting stretched! What should I do?jelqing is easy but I don’t think stretching isnt effec tive for me as I

Not getting a post workout hang.

I’m uncut; I grap under the glans, pulling back foreskin.

Flaccid dry-jelqs are a good alternative to stretching; try reading this

New Jelq City!

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