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Stretching too light

Stretching too light

Is it bad if I’m stretching TOO light? I’m afraid that my penis tendons and stuff will eventually not even be phased by me pulling lightly. I usually take my penis flaccid and stretch it slightly. I do not pull it too the point where if I pulled a little more there would be some type of injury like tearing. Are we supposed to do stretching like when we do BPSFL?

I’m no expert but I do it until I feel a stretch in the ligaments akin to when stretching muscles. I relax into it until I feel the tension, hold it there until it subsides then go a little further.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Too light is not a problem. Too strong is. If you have been stretching at the same intensity level for a while and it hasn’t effected you negatively, then perhaps now is the time to slightly increase the stretch intensity. Monitor your physiological indicators, and if it is all fine increase the intensity again after a little while (I am thinking weeks not days here, until you know you are comfortable with the increase in stretch intensity).

However if you are still experiencing gains, then why change? Keeping at as low an intensity as possible to experience gains is the best option in my opinion.

I am not so sure if I’ve experienced gains. I’d like to think I have, but my diet and my body shape has changed a lot over the past 6 months. Not to mention the fact that I rarely measure BPEL and usually measure NBP, because that’s what I’m having sex with. Lo’ and behold my naivety may have set me back.

Well don’t sweat it none. Start measuring BP as well and that way you can tell. I should start to measure NBPEL as well. I just read a post from someone who was into the seventh year of PE, and 6 months to get into shape and your diet sorted out is good foundation work, so it definitely isn’t setting you back.

I think that getting into shape is way more important for health and PE than is stated here on the forums. Getting rid of a fat pad and improving your fitness will indeed give you more usable dick. Plus looking fit and healthy will get you into a position where you use it more. And that is a big part of what this is all about is it not?

Should I stretch 5 days in a row? There is a thread in the main members forum about ligament healing. Apparently some members say that I should stretch and “damage” the ligaments only to stretch some more to keep them extended. Is this a good idea?

Pass. I do not know your routine or how conditioned your penis is. I guess only you know that. I have never done such a routine so I cannot comment on it.

Try posting in that thread for some advice about it if it is something you think that is within your capabilities, or something that you think will suit your PE. As ever, the only advice that I would give that is guaranteed good is to take it easy and back off if you notice your physiological indicators are negative. That, and always warm up.

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