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Stretching throughout the day without hotwrap

Stretching throughout the day without hotwrap

Is it OK to do 30 second stretches when going to bathroom for example, or not?

I remember someone suggesting that method if it’s hard to do PEing because of lack of privacy. The urine won’t warm up your penis much, so do only light pulls.

"Every chance is an opportunity."


Yes, it is O.K., I think some guys get a little too carried away with the warm wraps.

I do a little PE every time I take a piss. If not a stretch here and there, it would be a ULI or two or TEN! Heh Heh.

I love this PE stuff. Heck with a set routine. I have a small amount of routine that I do every morning and evening but during the day I just do what I feel. Like Hooper said, “Think out of the box”. I kind of liked his post, even though I found it a bit vague in parts. It is creativity and experimentation that brings out big gainers and heroes like ULI. Of course I like to take it easy at first, especially if it is a new movement. It’s kind of fun to come up with stuff that you think of here and there. Like I said before, YOU NEED TO BE CAREFULL because we don’t want a broken or dissmembered unit! Heck, I don’t know what to call half the shit that I do when standing at the urinals………But I am getting results and good results at that. I am now over 6” girth!!! However, I am not the only happy one. Mrs V has had some pretty satisfied looks on her face lately after I give her ” V’s Lazy 8”.

Just my take on the situtation.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


I only get the right ‘feel’ when stretching fully warmed up, like in the shower. By that I mean it got to feel right while doing the stretches, as well as a good “worked out feeling” afterwards. I can stretch much harder without feeling discomfort when warmed up. Maybe cold stretches produces good results for some people, I don’t know. We are all different.

The best stretches I have experienced is in a hot tub at the gym.

I’ve been stretching throughout the day for the past six months on top of my nightly routine for about 4 - 5 days a week for the past 6 months. I am a believer in warming up thoroughly for the big workout at night, but stretching during timed breaks during the day may not require as much warming up. I typically do a 5 minute stretch (five 60 sec pulls) in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, both in the workplace’s crapper ( you get use to it), then 15 min of pull-time at night. I feel that if my monkey is tucked in my pants at work in two layers of clothing, its at least “warm” for the 5min stretch. If your just starting out stick with the newbie routine and wait a few months till you really get the hang of PE and what you can handle. You’ll know it when you’ve done it long enough and if you’re not sure take it slow and easy and build up to it.

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