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Stretching sore penis

Stretching sore penis


I have been doing some stretching with a tight grip,
Been doing this for about a week now and my penis has been getting more and more sore each day when I come to stretch it, it’s fine otherwise.
It’s usually ok after I stretch lightly for a couple of minuets and then the soreness goes away.
It is only hurting where I hold it , where I grip the penis, so I’m obviously holding tight.

Now I have read that ADS is where it’s at and I have been doing 5-10 minuet sessions at least 3-4 times a day
To keep the intensity up, I want gains quickly.

Will my penis get used to the tight grip ?
Should I rest now ?
Should I keep doing this and go lightly to begin with ?


Originally Posted by six-eightinches
Will my penis get used to the tight grip ?

You don’t need to choke the damn thing. Lighten up on your grip. I had to do the same thing and find a gentle hand. You are pulling not squeezing. Do you alternate hands?

Originally Posted by six-eightinches
Will my penis get used to the tight grip ?

Mine didn’t but we’re not built the same. I suggest you learn to loosen your grip while stretching.

Originally Posted by six-eightinches
Should I rest now ?

I would take a day or two of rest and cut back on the number of sets until you can control the grip.

Do you workout with weights?


I don’t work with weights.

I have been using a strong grip, if I don’t - being uncut, I find my hand just slips down my penis over the head,

Gripping tight half way down my penis I can pull hard and keep it stretched until my hand feels like it’s about to fall of, which is usually after about a minuet.
Yes I do alternate hands.

Maybe I’m pulling to hard , I just don’t feel a good stretch unless I grip tight and pull hard, that way I feel a real good stretch deep inside at the base.

Maybe I should just do one set a day
I want results fast though and I don’t mind putting the hours in.


Do you know you are not supposed to grab the skin when stretching, right?

It’s only going to stretch and repair so fast. You should probably slow down a little bit and get comfortable with the exercises… Days off actually do help.

If you’ve gotten to where you’re still fatigued from previous days before even starting a workout, take the day off. Try again the next day. If you over do it, you will gain slower.

I have the same problem, when stretching I have to have a tight grip right under the the head of my penis. This is the only place where I can get a stretch where I feel like I’m not stretching the skin on the outside. The problem is (or I think it’s the cause) grabbing so tightly causes a quite uncomfortable feeling for the next two days.

Originally Posted by marinera
Do you know you are not supposed to grab the skin when stretching, right?

I don’t grab the skin
I pull the skin back and grip the penis half way down, so when I pull - my hand is under the head of the penis.

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