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Stretching sets.

Stretching sets.

Hi guys, I got another question… Can someone help me out on this one?

Well, currently my routine is 5 min hot wrap
3 sets of stretches to all directions, each stretch 40 secs (5 sec kegel 5 sec without) —> I stretch to all directions 40 secs, 3 times one after another.
then 350 jelqs 3 sec jelq.

Since I started this routine the workouts take quite long, for a realitivly beginner (about 3 months in). Since what takes off most of my time is the stretching routines, I wonderd…. If I cut off the sets, will that effect my stretching season alot? Making the workout on my dick lower then before, and the growth will be much lower?
What if i take off one set, but add 5-10 secs for each strech, will it be better?


Whats your LOT? If its still high then jelq mostly downward and don’t bother kegelling when you stretch. Consider stretching BTC and applying heat to the pubic bone area while you stretch.

That said doing a 20 minute stretching session 3 months in is probably a good thing. You could split off your stretches into a second routine (stretch AM, jelq PM).

Heh, good advice… :>
right now my lot is around ahmmm, sec going to bathroom to check…
Well, it’s around 7:30 quite low I’d say… no use in much lig work… but then again, when I stretch down, I feel REALLY strong pull on the ligs.
I’ll try putting more heat on the pubic bone while stretching.
Jelqing down is kinda hard for because it’s not the most comfortable thing, but I am actually trying to jelq down some times.

I’ve been thinking about splitting the workout, but I usually don’t got time for an AM workout… and I am stretching BTC, just started…
when I do my stretch down sets I do one, directly down, one A-stretch, and one BTC

BTW last workout it took me 28 mins just to finish the stretching sets.
Without much stopping between.

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