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Stretching sensations and when to stop? Advice sought.

Stretching sensations and when to stop? Advice sought.


This is my first post after lurking for quite some time.

I’ve been doing manual stretches for 4 days and I’ve noticed a pattern emerging. To start with my entire penis feels tight. Then after the first stretch it loosens up and my ligs start feeling the “burn.” Then after say 10 minutes of stretching my ligs don’t feel any burn at all. I can hold my stretch for as long as I want. Of course I haven’t tried this and this is the reason for my post. Is this normal? Should I carry on stretching at this point or not?
Also is it normal after a stretching session to have an ache at the root of the penis (inside the body)?

Another thing, I’ve decided because my penis is soooo small (2” flacid 4” erect) that I would like to focus on length. My LOT is slightly under 9 o’clock. Do you think three ten minute stretching sessions a day would be ok?

Help and advice would be very much appreciated.

Regards, johanssen.

Three 10 minute sessions a day is a good start. Only work up from there when you feel able, and build it up gradually.

Where are you feeling this burn? I ask just to make sure it is not skin stretch you are feeling.

It is good that you can feel it at the root though, that shows that you are actually affecting your unit.

I would definately incorporate at least light jelqing to enhance/maintain your circulation.

You do seem to be well informed for a newbie, well done for reasearching before posting! We’ll have you gaining before you know it. :)

Thanks for the reply and the kind words. I tried to read up as much as I could before I began.

The burn I’m feeling starts from the sides of my inner penis and reaches to the base of my penis. I’m pretty sure it’s my ligs as I can do a side stretch and the burn stops on the side I’m not stretching (I hope that makes sense).
Also I think I did stretch my skin before and that really hurt (like a burning hot pinch), this sensation is alot more tolerable.

I’ll make sure to do some jelqing. I suppose if I do gain some girth I won’t be complaining.

Thanks again!

Jelqing is not only for girth but length as well. Definitely incorporate both into your routine. It sounds that the burn your feeling is the ligs. Keep up the hard work. Gains may come slow but they will come.

With a LOT of 9 you may be able to make some pretty sizable gains.

Good luck


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