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Stretching routine

Stretching routine

Hey guys :)

I’m very committed to PE in my life. I do a 30min stretch routine every day, since I’m only (and only) interested in length gains. I haven’t had much gains tho. I’m currently 6 inch, aiming for 7.5 inch. Is that even possible?

I need some advice about stretches. I would be glad to get a new routine or add some new stretches.

Currently I do a 5 min warmup, followed by some quick easy stretches. Then I do 6-A stretches, 3 with each hand. Then I do some rotate stretches, and stretch 30 seconds in each direction.

Any advices?

Loves Padde

Sounds good to me. After spending some time (2-3 months) on manual stretching you might want to start hanging. If length is your main goal then I think most members would say hanging is the way to go.

My advice would be: add some wet jelqs to your routine New Jelq City! style. I can also tell you that jelqing has given me some nice length gains.

Not sure how long you have been at this — but sounds like you are seriously overdoing it. If Newbie, you really should follow a more conservative approach. In any event, if you give any credence to cell growth, you will need some time-off to heal.


I have been doing PE since September 2008. I have achieved 1 cm in length and harder erections. I recently took a decon break for 3 weeks and had just started. I’m very committed and determinant to reach my goal. I just need some advice.

I have thought about hanging, but I still live at home? Is it possible than?

Even if you are interested in length gains, jelqs are a good exercises, since they work in a synergistic way with any other PE technique.

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