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Stretching Questions

Stretching Questions

Well here’s the thing. Before doing the LOT test, I thought that I would have a high LOT because I have a high erection angle, about 10:30, 11:00. But when I did the test my lot turned out to be about 8:00! My question is, since I have been stretching for about 2 months now in all directions with very minimal gains is it worth it to still keep stretching downwards to work the ligs or should I just stretch upwards. I do a couple 30 sec v-stretches throughout day and a couple 1-2 minute fowfers throughout the day. I also stretch for 5-10 min in shower sometimes, sometimes not in all directions before jelqing. One more question, I hear people talk about lig pops. What are pops and should I be trying to make my ligs pop. Thanks.



With a LOT at 8 you can still get more length out of your ligs. Continue stretching downward. You can stretch the ligs and tuncia at the same time by bending your dick over a fulcrum and then pulling down. I use a 30 inch length of 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. A piece of metal pipe or painted wood broom stick handle will also work. While sitting or lying back with your knees up, put the fulcrum across the top of your thighs and just bend your dick over it.

I think you can generally pick up the intensity of your workout. Increase your stretches to 10 minutes if you’re not there already. Do some jelqing to condition your dick. You’re fine girthwise, but the jelqing will prepare your unit for advanced girth techniques if you want to try them in the future. Usually fowfers are not that intense a stretch, so if you can comfortably sit on your dick longer try to fowfer for five minutes or more.

I’ve been stretching the hell out of my dick for almost two years and I’ve never got a lig pop. They are, however, benevolent. Just stay aware and know your limits. If, for example, your penis detaches from body you’ve probably pulled too hard.

I’ve only had lig pops during sex and have always found them to be unnerving, benevolent or not. :)

swingman: I agree with everything Ike wrote but will add one other comment: consider hanging. You can hang a lot longer than you can stretch (I bet) and you can duplicate the amount of force.


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