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Stretching Question

Stretching Question

I have seen every tutorial known to man on penis stretching in the section…Everytime I stretch, let me draw a picture. This is my head:
====| | P )

The Head, with the area marked P, is discolored a bit purple. The rest of the penis is penis colored except for that little part of the head. Is this normal? How can I avoid? What am I doing wrong?
I stretch by grabbing 1/2 of an inch behind my glans, but usually, my glans will press into my fingers.

Hi blitzkrieg,

No matter how or where you grip, your glans are going to experience some pressure. It’s almost impossible to completely eliminate it. The important thing is to keep the duration of that pressure short and as light as possible. I recommend trying different grips (overhand, underhand) or using a stretch aid like a pair of gloves, some baby powder, or simply a piece of toilet paper. Another important consideration is grip strength. In order to pull on the interior elements you need to grip relatively tight. Not painfully tight, but enough that you are gripping the internals, and not putting tons of pressure on your glans. This will also help minimize skin stretch. Just keep trying different things until you find what works best for you.

Steve, you are saying this discoloration is normal?

Originally Posted by blitzkrieg
Steve, you are saying this discoloration is normal?

Depends. Is the discoloration temporary? Does it only show up during your session? Or has it become permanent? In the first case (temporary discoloration during stretching), yes, it is normal, but should still be avoided by improving your grip as mentioned before. If the discoloration has become permanent (stays many hours after your workout), no, not normal.

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