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Stretching Question

Stretching Question


I have just started to stretch twice a day for the last couple of weeks before starting a proper jelqing routine etc.
What should I be looking for from stretching ??
I seem to feel a difference in my penis at the base, but I am concerned this is either psychological or just because I spending more time handling my penis
Additionally I can feel that I have been working my penis as I have been practising kegels .. Should I still be able to feel this after 6 hours after?

Love this site and it gives me feel encouragement that I finally resolve my penis size hang ups :-)

Many Thanks

The stretching is just going to stress your ligs, so when you do them over an extended period of time they eventually stay that way. Ligs will give the fastest and easiest gains, but those gains you can get from it are limited to how long your ligs are. Doing the LOT test should help you determine if stretching is going to help you or not. You should be feeling a difference at the base too.

Feel the kegals or feel the base?

Either way if you’re feeling it, it would be considered a good sign as long as you’re not seeing any negative PIs.

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It feels more solid at the base (or appears to) yes I do feel that I have worked it after the kegels


If you haven’t tried yet, stretch really slowly. Just lightly take an overhand grip and pull straight out extremely slowly, you can feel this stretch more in your tunica than in your ligs.

For stretches, the grip should be about a 1/2” behind the glans. Squeeze hard enough so that you don’t get a serious ‘bunch-up’ of skin against the glans. Also, I release very slowly too (don’t let your unit snap back when you’re done). Stretches are great, I’ve started them recently and have seen gains already.

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Thanks Guys

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