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Stretching question

Stretching question

Alrighty, a quick question or two.

I gained a wonderful .25 inch length in the first 2 weeks of PE, and since then over a month has gone by with no positive changes to length, girth, or anything. I haven’t changed my routine in any way, except maybe upped the intensity a little bit. If somebody told me that I’d gain .25 in 2 months I’d be happy.but since I got it in half a month and nothing afterwards it gets me a little worried.

I thought if I kept doing what I was, I’d be fine.I guess that’s not the case?

Anyway—when stretching before the jelq session (still doing newbie routine for another month) my question is: where should I feel the pull? Depending how I stretch I can feel it either “inside the penis”, or I can feel it at the base, or I can feel it kind of at the pubic area around the base. Which is it supposed to be?

And are the kegels afterward necessary to gains? Because I don’t do them.I get bored/tired after that and I dislike thinking about it 24/7 and doing them at various times during the day.

First, congratulations on your gain: any gain is a good gain!

Second, gains are unpredictable. Personally, I think those initial newbie gains are a result of improved EQ and perhaps a little ligament loosening: some of us just have more to loosen than others. I don’t think even two months is long enough for any real Tunica lengthening, but this is just my opinion.

Keep doing what you are doing. In a month or so you can re-evaluate.

I think ideally you want to feel the stretch as deep inside as possible, but remember that it is attached at the base with skin, so some skin pull is inevitable. The more adept you become at it, the more you will be able to distinguish the different stretch areas: skin, ligs, tunica. It takes a really good grip to stretch but not feel it at the base: SO stretches are where I feel the tunica the most.

Kegels are great for overall strength and sexual prowess: they are not directly associated with growth.

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